Large Scaled DWH Structuring Service

To support the construction and operation of large-capacity DWH that the number of transactions is more than a billion.

Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise DB Structuring Service

With respect to IT in your business, we do from business analysis.

System Operation Support Service

Customers of DB operation and the system operational status monitoring, and support the normal operation.


Deta Center Service

Entrusted to our customers of the system and data, done from the maintenance of the data to mining.

SI service

Make the support of IT technology for the system vendors and software house.

Web Ralated System Service

We offer a system to help customers of WEB marketing.

NBM Managing Service

Our mail order management system "OLCR" includes not only your individual information and sales information, to manage analog information such as opinions and requests systematically, is a system that takes into account the fact that take advantage of it to the customer service.

On-Line Customer Relation Manegement System