Customer Managing Functions

Abundant Customer Search Tools

Customers can be searched by name, address, date of birth, shipping slip number, and customer buying history. Customers can also be searched from their phone number(s)?maximum 4 numbers. *By installing the CTI, customer’s number will automatically be searched, and the results will pop-up on the screen.

Grouping Customers

By RFM analysis, customers can be categorized into a maximum of 6 groups. Based on these groupings, customer service could be diversified.

Registration of multi shipping addresses

Other than home, a maximum of 3 locations can be registered (home, work, parents’ house, etc.).

By customer’s request, the sales office can also be registered as the destination of the shipment.

Marketing Functions

Corresponds with various promotion programs

Can correspond to various promotions, such as packing free gifts with goods, based on the item or the amount of money the customer has spent.

Setting bargain dates

Bargain dates and bargain prices for particular items can be set.

Marketing Support Tools

Marketing Support Tools can be applied for marketing analysis based on various strategy records and sale strategy.

Corresponds to Individual Discounts

By setting discount rates for each customer, you can differentiate services to individuals.

Other Functions

User Friendly Screen Layout

Attribution of customers, buying history, corresponding history, can all be checked on one screen.

Caution needed entries, such as returned goods and cancellations are systematically collected together and displays on the screen.

Corresponds to credit card account settlements

By inputting the credit card number, from authority to sales settlement process are automatically done.

Credit card account settlements can be completed for items returned or exchanged.

※This service may not be available due to the interface of your currently contracted credit card company.

Automatically Displays the most suitable

Automatically calculates the days it will take for the goods to be delivered to the area of destination.

The most suitable date and time of delivery can be set.

※Caution: This function relies on the distribution company.

Information linkage between posts by ”Contact” Function

Information between Call Center, Management Center, Product Planning, Sales, and others can be coordinated smoothly.

Customer inquiries received at the Call Center can be taken over by a person in charge in a different location.

Mail distribution service

By customer’s choice, order and delivery confirmation mail could be sent.

On-Line Customer Relation Manegement System