Deta Center Service|データベースの開発・構築ならデジログへ



Deta Center Service


We offer the following Data Center Services

  • We keep and operate customer’s system and data, and compile data.
    Furthermore, we do data mining and deliver the results to our customers.
    This would be more efficient and cost reducing than constructing a formulaic system.
  • We offer and operate WEB shopping sites and Shopping Cart Service.
    By using our knowledge that we gained through years of providing NBM managing services, we only offer necessary functions that are to our customers.
    *NBM= all shopping that is not done at traditional brick and mortar stores, including mail orders as well as purchases online and by telephone)
  • Company surveys, applicant’s campaigns, market research and others can be set up and operated on WEB.
    With our system, drawings for campaign applicants can be automatically processed.
  • We provide an image storage service, where data derived from network cameras for server surveillance can be stored.
    This service is not only for companies, but is also offered for individual customers for a security measure.

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