Improvement in Customer Service

Uniform management of customer’s corresponding information, from what the customer said when ordering, content of inquiry, buying history, to claim history.
We are able to provide all operators with their regular customers’ details for smooth transactions with them.
Furthermore, from the buying history, VIP customers can be detected, and automatically sorted out for different operations, where these customers can receive separate and distinguished services, which will help maintain them.

Improvement in Business Efficiency

Order entry information, customer information, shipping information can all be uniformly managed by one database.

Information is linked together on a real-time basis, making shipping on the same day as the order possible.

Stable Operation Quality

From order taking to shipping operation are uniformly managed.
Human error and/or time loss will not occur during these stages.
Status of orders can be monitored by progress management, which makes it possible to check for operational slip-ups.

Excellent Expandability

For the operations, exclusive servers are used.
Therefore, our customers can choose their installation site.
There are no limits to customization.

Versatility of System

Operation can be divided into “order taking”, “shipping”, and “managing”, making outsourcing of call centers and shipping operations possible.

On-Line Customer Relation Manegement System