Our company directly supports customers with development of all systems from the very start to the very end. We are a guidepost to introduce the most fit information technology to solve problems in various business scenes. We precisely analyze the meaning and the interpretation of the best suited “digitalization” for customers. However, Digilog would not immediately jump to “digitalization” as the solution to all customers’ needs and problems. We approach the problem by examining and inspecting the matter and the scope to see whether “analog” method or “digitalization” would be suitable to match each customer’s needs.


“Digitalization” without considering about the “people” (user), only causes complication, which makes the system inoperable, and result in decrease of efficiency. “Digitalization” with an outcome of usefulness, profitability, and easiness achieves a place in society and satisfies “people”.


Digilog’s motto is “system used by the people, for the people”. We have been offering the combination of maximum merits of “digital” and “analog” to various business scenes. The integration of “Digital” and “Analog” is the origin and our policy, which is reflected in our company name “Digilog”.